Battle for UP: BJP MLA says those who don’t vote for him have Muslim blood


A video clip featuring BJP MLA Raghvendra Pratap Singh, who is contesting the Dumariaganj Assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh, is going viral in which he is heard saying that “Hindus who will not vote for me have Muslim blood in their veins”.

Singh admitted that he made the remark five days ago, but added that it was said “in another context, as an example” and that he “had no intention to threaten anybody”.

“I have said those things, I am not denying. But I had spoken in another context, as an example, and was making a comparison with the past. I had no intention to threaten anybody. Can anybody win an election by threatening in Dumariaganj where there are around 1.73 lakh Muslim voters, comprising around 39.8 per cent of the electorate?” he stated.

In the video, the legislator is purportedly heard using expletives.

He says: “Tell me, will any Muslim vote for me? So be aware that if Hindus of this village support another side, they have Muslim blood in their veins. They are traitors. Even after so many atrocities, if a Hindu goes over to the other side, he should not be allowed to show his face in public.

“Aur ek baar agar warning dene ke saath samajh me nahi ayega to iss baar main bata dunga ki Raghvendra Singh kaun hai. Kyunki mere saath gaddari karoge toh chalega, main apman sah lunga. Mujhe apmanit karoge toh bhi main apman sah lunga. Lekin agar hamare Hindu samaj ko apmanit karne ka prayaas karoge toh barbaad karke rakh dunga. (If the warning is not heeded, I will let everyone know who Raghvendra Singh is. I can tolerate personal insults and betrayals, but I will destroy those who try to insult the Hindu community).”

Explaining his statement, Sigh said: “That is correct. If a Hindu girl elopes with a Muslim boy and Hindus mediate on behalf of the boy I spoke in that context. I feel that complete speech was not like that people remove or add words (in videos).”

The Dumariaganj MLA, also in charge of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, will be up for re-election from his constituency on March 3.



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