Battle for UP: Cleric supports Cong but daughter-in-law joins BJP


Nida Khan, daughter-in-law of Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, well known cleric of Barelvi sect, has joined the BJP in Lucknow.

This is yet another jolt to the Congress since the cleric had recently announced his support to the Congress.

Nida said that she had joined the BJP because she was impressed with the working of the BJP government, particularly the law banning triple talaq.

“This was turning point for me in supporting BJP. The triple talaq issue will be a game changer for the BJP, The Congress only gives slogan for women but has done nothing much for women,” she said.

She said that her father-in-law had failed to stop exploitation of women in his own home.

She said that she would campaign for the BJP and had not yet decided about contesting the elections.



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