Battle for UP: Mamata launches blistering attack on BJP, seeks apology


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Tuesday mounted a blistering attack on the BJP and asked it to first apologize for what happened in Hathras and Unnao and also for the Covid deaths.

“We worship Ganga River but when the bodies were flowing in the river, where was Yogi ji? You came to defeat me in West Bengal but did not take care of the people. Did you not have wood for cremation? First seek apology and then seek votes,” she said while addressing a press conference here on Tuesday.

She reiterated that ‘Khela hobe’ in UP. “We ousted BJP from Bengal and we will oust it from UP too,” she added and said, “The BJP has been claiming to give free vaccines but is it their money. Whose money, is it? It is the people’s money.”

She further said that money has been taken from people and public sector for PM Cares Fund but there is no account of it.

Lashing at the BJP, the West Bengal Chief Minister termed the BJP as a ‘Khatra Party’ and asked people to beware of it.

“We will not allow BJP’s lies to land in UP. Akhilesh will win hands down,” she stated.

Mamata said that the fight in UP was a fight for honour and urged the people to support the Samajwadi Party and make them win after defeating the BJP.



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