Battle for UP: Yogi is coming back, says PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people should prepare for a colourful Holi on March 10 since the BJP was returning to power in a big way.

“BJP govt in UP inevitable, Yogi is coming back,” he stated.

Addressing a rally here on Monday, he said, “Before 2017, the dynasts were ruling here. UP reported ration scam, poor were deprived of the foodgrain through forged ration cards. The poor used to be hungry. The double engine government changed that and crores are getting double benefit of the free ration. They kept getting foodgrains even in the pandemic.”

He said that the double engine government gave free houses while earlier government were totally indifferent. Even though the Centre was sending money, they were not ready to make the houses for the poor.

The Prime Minister further said, “The second phase trend and voting for the first phase has cleared four things: BJP government is inevitable, Yogi is coming back strongly. Secondly, all castes, voters of all sections without getting divided in villages and cities are voting for development and the BJP.



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