Be a role model for community’: Govt Nurses Fed urges nurses to get vaccinated

: Amid the sustained concern of safety of the Covid vaccines which has maintained hesitancy for the vaccination so far, All India Government Nurses Federation (AIGNF) has appealed to the nurses to come forward and take the jab.

The association has urged the nurses to understand the crucial role they play in the fight against pandemic viz a viz need for the vaccination.

“We care about your health as you are on the front lines and risk being exposed to COVID-19 and many other infections each day at the workplace. At this current time, getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step to prevent getting illness with COVID-19 disease. Healthcare personnel like you are among the first to receive the vaccine because of your role is essential in fighting this pandemic,” it said.

The AIGNF, which has a pan-India network of nurses working in government healthcare settings, asked them to view the vaccination as an opportunity of serving as a role model for the community.

“This is also an opportunity for you to serve as a role model in our community. By getting vaccinated first, you can positively influence vaccination decisions of co-workers, residents, friends, and family,” the association said.

Vouching for the safety of the vaccines approved in India for immunization against Covid-19, the federation also stated that the safety of the Covid vaccines meet the standards of other vaccines. A

“We understand you may have questions about theCovid-19 vaccines. However, they are being held to the same safety standards as all other vaccines. Your turnout will not only support the credibility of the vaccines amid various concerns about their safety and efficacy, but will also urge a greater number of people to come forward for immunization, which is crucial to achieve herd immunity,” it appealed.

The federation also said that by getting vaccinated, we will also acknowledge the hard work of our scientists who gave the safe and effective vaccine to our country and the world.