Being a Hindu, one should agree to Hindutva, says Karnataka seer

In the run-up to the Karnataka Assembly elections, religious seers are joining the war of words taking place between major parties, with Mantralaya Mutt seer Subudendra Theertha Swamiji on Tuesday slamming Congress leader Siddaramaiah’s statement that he is a Hindu, but he won’t agree to Hindutva.

Talking to reporters, he said that “there is no meaning in the vague statement given by Siddaramaiah” and contended that Hindus should agree to Hindutva.

“I don’t know the background for him (Siddaramaiah) issuing such a statement. He might have difference of opinion regarding Hidutva. Despite that, all Hindus must carry forward Hindutva,” the seer said.

Equating Hinduism and Hindutva to a “mother and a son relationship”, he said: “When you are a Hindu, one should respect Hindutva. In case of any difference of opinion, the doubt should be solved through discussion. It is meaningless to oppose Hindutva by claiming yourself as a Hindu.”

The seer also maintained that caste system must go but termed the statement opposing Brahmins from becoming CM “anti-constitutional”.

“We condemn abusing of Brahmins. No community should be subjected to this. If any community is abused, it is like disrespecting the Constitution,” he claimed.




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