Bengal government faces Calcutta HC’s wrath for delaying teachers’ dues

The West Bengal government on Friday faced the wrath of the Calcutta High Court for long delay in the payment of retirement dues to retired teachers of different state-run schools.

While hearing a petition in the matter, a bench of Justice Rajasekhar Mantha observed that the teachers were involved in the noble task of distribution of knowledge. “In such a situation, it is unfortunate that the teachers are facing unnecessary delay in getting their retirement benefits after cessation of their service lives. The matter should be looked at seriously,” he said.

The judge also noted that despite strong orders of the court on this count, several teachers are facing the problem in getting their retirement dues in time. A number of District Magistrates and District Inspectors of Schools were present virtually at the hearing and they too faced the wrath of Justice Mantha.

“What are you all doing? The court refuses to accept such an approach from your end. The teachers cannot suffer because of the delay on your part in transfer of necessary files from one department to another. You should act fast in clearing their dues. Why are you harassing the teachers by delaying their retirement benefit payments year after year? What will you do if similar things happen with you in the days to come?” he asked.




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