Bengaluru, April 18 (IANS) The city police have issued over 2 lakh passes to people to carry out essential services amid Covid-19 lockdown, according to an official, here on Saturday.

“We have crossed 2 lakh KSP Clear online passes, issued for seamless service of essentials in Bengaluru,” tweeted Additional Commissioner of Police Hemant Nimbalkar.

The police have issued the highest 41,726 passes to medical establishments, followed by other essential services at 31,623. E-tailers have received 23,270 passes, good manufacturers 14,230 and ration/groceries 15,661.

Other essential services providers who have received passes, include banking and insurance, people engaged in critical IT and biotechnology services, internet service providers and volunteers.

Media professionals accounted for 895 passes.

The police also issue 12-hour passes to enable travel for emergencies. Nearly 56 lakh applications have been rejected.




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