Best-selling author Amish Tripathi announces he’s getting engaged

The best-selling author of mythological fiction, Amish Tripathi, on Wednesday took to Twitter to announce that he is getting engaged to Shivani, whom he met in London.

Amish is the Director of the Nehru Museum in London and was married previously to Preeti Vyas, who is the President and CEO of Amar Chitra Katha, the publishers of the iconic comic books, apart from National Geographic India.

“I have been given a second chance — a good beyond my expectations,” Amish writes in his two-page personal statement he shared on Twitter.

“As you know I have been divorced for many years and was single,” he adds.

Amish, incidentally, is speaking at the Jaipur Literature Festival, which opens on Thursday.

Continuing about his new relationship status, Amish writes: “I always thanked Lord Shiva for his blessings in my career. After a long time, I thanked him for his blessings in my personal life as well. I am thanking him for my son, Neel, and my fiance, Shivani.”

In the first part of his statement, Amish talks about how “very hard” the last seven to eight years of his life have been.

“The untimely loss of even one person in the family breaks you; I lost too many, one after another … There is only so much grief that one can bear,” Amish says.

He was obviously referring to the death of his father and, more tragically, his brother-in-law, the celebrated Mumbai police officer and former Chief of Maharashtra’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), Himanshu Roy, committing suicide.

“And. having suffered, I now see how good good is, when it does happen,” Amish says before introducing Shivani.




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