​The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) is warning the public of a new extortion letter scam that is taking place in Halton Region (similar letters have also been distributed throughout the Greater Toronto Area).

The HRPS has received multiple complaints about the same letter. This letter is typed on a computer and tells victims that a person in their life has hired the writer to harm them in some way, police said. The writer offers to deny this request to harm them in exchange for a payment of Bitcoin from the victim. The suspect then promises to reveal the identity of the person who wants to harm them.

These extortion letters can be convincing, are often tailored to an occupant of the residence, and arrive by Canada Post, police added. 

The HRPS is investigating the source of these letters.

Police are urging residents not to follow the instructions in the letter and not to send a payment of Bitcoin. If you receive this letter and would like to report it to police, please contact the HRPS non-emergency line at 905-825-4747.

Halton police is also urging anyone who has fallen victim to this scam and made a payment in Bitcoin to contact them.


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