Bhinder-Pieter plan to tarnish India’s image (Part 2)

To provide credibility to Pieter Friedrich, a number of institutions and organisations were formed in the US — prominent being Organisation for Indian Minorities (OFMI) in 2007.

OFMI was purportedly set up for the cause of minorities in India — but had no Indian or even Indian-origin minority in it. Pieter was also given prominent space in another similar organisation Sikh Information Center (SIC), which was working for Khalistani agenda, The Disinfolab report noted.

To further boost Pieter’ credibility, a number of books are published in his name — all published through a company registered by Bhinder in 2007. The same year OFMI was set up and Pieter was brought to public notice. The design seemed almost a replica of what was happening in phase I, except the weapon was replaced by information.

The report notes that the modus operandi was standard: Set some books published in his name, few articles in compliant online ‘news portals’. Create some social media avatars and start connecting with potential amplifiers. In the process build credibility and then hijack the narrative of every possible genuine ground protest to suite their agenda. And they have singular agenda — to tarnish India’s standing in the world.

The Bhinder-Pieter duo first started their tirade against Mahatma Gandhi. The objective was to malign the image of non-violence associated with India. It is not surprising that the names of the duo along with OFMI keeps coming up with every vandalism of Gandhi’s statue in the US, it adds.

“However, in order to dent India’s image and kill its peaceful non-violent image, it was necessary to provide an alternative narrative. Hence, in addition to targeting Gandhi, they decided to paint India as a ‘fascist state’. In this enterprise, they also got not a small helping hand from several people inside India, who found a common cause due to various reasons,” the report said.

The report said this elaborate design and planning that has been underway since 2007 at least was driven by a singular motive –- to target India’s interests. This is tried to be accomplished in 4 major ways:

Targeting idea of India –- non-violence and Mahatma Gandhi –- replacing it with an alternate image of ‘fascist India’;

Targeting India’s territorial integrity –- working towards K-2 design;

Targeting India’s interests abroad by working against Indian origin American politicians; and

Whitewashing Pakistan’s sins –- clean chit to Pakistan (ISI) in Kabul Gurudwara Bombings and questioning Pulwama attack.