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BHU hospital performs rare renal surgery on one-year-old boy

The doctors of Sir Sunderlal Hospital (Banaras Hindu University) have performed the first successful endoscopic surgery on a one-year-old boy, diagnosed with bilateral renal stones.

It is believed to be the first such surgery of a child. Many hospitals had refused to perform the surgery on the child because of his age and complexity of the surgery.

Pankaj Mishra, a resident of Kuwar Patti Village in Meja of Prayagraj district, had brought his one-year-old son to the Sir Sunderlal Hospital.

The child, weighing 7.5 kg, was diagnosed to have bilateral renal stones (left side-1.6 cm, right side- multiple 1.6 cm, 1cm, 9.5 mm).

He was admitted in the Urology ward of the hospital few days back under Lalit Kumar Agarwal.

After evaluation, on the left side, mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy (mini-PCNL) was completed on October 4.

The stone was cleared completely with the help of thulium fibre laser.

Agarwal said that the surgery was successful and the child was discharged in stable condition on the weekend.

Agarwal further said that this surgery was performed for the first time in the eastern Uttar Pradesh on such a small child of one year by endoscopic means at a minimal rate of less than Rs 10,000.

The next surgery for right side renal stones is planned after a month, he added.



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