Saturday, May 18, 2024

Bhumi unveils plan to launch environmental foundation on her birthday

As she turned 34 on Tuesday, actress Bhumi Pednekar, who is also an environmentalist, shared her intention of taking another step to further her work towards restoring ecological harmony across India by starting to lay out plans to launch a not-for-profit organisation ‘The Bhumi Foundation’.

Bhumi will launch the foundation in the next few months and it will aim at empowering organisations and climate conservationists to bring about real change and reduce the impact of pollution and carbon footprint in our country.

Bhumi says, “Actual change can only happen when we start taking accountability for our actions and step forward to do right by society and humanity at large. I want to do right by my planet and try to leave a better one for the future generations. I resolve to do so through my non-profit organisation – The Bhumi Foundation which will be launched in the next couple of months.”

“I would be humbled if The Bhumi Foundation could play a prominent role in saving the environment by empowering those who have dedicated their lives to protect earth and our country.”

She adds, “It is my pleasure to start work towards launching The Bhumi Foundation and and that too on my birthday! It couldn’t be more special. My name means Earth. Going forward, a portion of my earnings from my films, my brand endorsements and any other revenue stream will go towards The Bhumi Foundation so that this money could be further used to aid the environment.”

Bhumi adds, “As a climate warrior and a fellow dweller on planet Earth, I want to do everything in my capacity to drive awareness, ignite conversations and create real change to build a sustainable environment.” “When The Bhumi Foundation launches, it will help an army of climate conservationists and environmentalists who share a unified vision of working for the planet and heal it from our past and present actions.”



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