‘Bigg Boss 15’: Abhijit Bichukale threatens to burn down the house during Ticket To Finale


The upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ is surely going to witness some high-octane drama as Abhijit Bichukale threatens the housemates that he will burn down the ‘BB 15’ house.

In the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task all the contestants are seen planning about winning the task and how to become the next finalist after Rakhi Sawant.

However, Abhijit is seen fighting and screaming at others as things are not turning up as per his wish. He creates a ruckus. In the video Bichukale is seen running towards the kitchen shouting “I will burn down the house”. Pratik Sehajpal tries to stop him.

Furthermore, there will be top four or five contestants in the final week. The Ticket To Finale task has already started. There may be mid-week or sudden evictions possible but nothing has been confirmed officially.



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