‘Bigg Boss 15’: Miesha Iyer says it’s her ‘biggest opportunity;


Reality show actress and model Miesha Iyer entered the ‘Bigg Boss 15’ house on Saturday after appearing in reality shows such as ‘Splitsvilla 12’ and ‘Ace of Space Season 1’. And she considers her entry into the biggest reality show on Indian television as “one of the biggest opportunities” to come her way.

“I wonder why anyone would not like to be part of ‘Bigg Boss’,” Miesha said in a conversation with IANS. “For me, getting a call to be a part of this show came as a big deal that I just loved to grab.”

Miesha has quite a social media fan following as a fashion diva, but ‘Bigg Boss 15’, for her, is the ladder that will help her rise higher in her chosen profession. She said: “See, we are in the entertainment industry for a reason. And the reason is to grow and achieve success. We all want name and fame. This is the reason we are here. I would be lying if I said that I came to ‘Bigg Boss’ to gain experience. I am here for more. For sure, it will help advance my career.”

Miesha, however, clarified that she may not have taken up the show had the offer come to her last year. “Well, despite the fact that ‘Bigg Boss’ is the biggest opportunity to have come my way, if it were offered to me last year, I wouldn’t have said ‘yes’ to it as I already had done a reality show. I did not want to be saturated. So, when this offer came after a gap, I took it.”

‘Bigg Boss’ is known for controversies and high drama. Is Miesha prepared for what comes with the territory? She answered confidently: “I believe in one thing: Why be scared of the unknown? I really don’t know what is going to happen with me inside the house. That is why I am not thinking much. I will cross the bridge once I reach it; right now, I am not interested in killing the fun.”

And the show’s superstar host, Salman Khan, will only add to the fun. “It’s very exciting,” Miesha confided. “I have been watching his movies, so seeing him in person in front of me is really overwhelming.”