‘Bigg Boss 16’: Ankit upsets Priyanka; Archana, Saundarya fight and make up

“Udaariyaan” stars Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who are now seen on the reality show “Bigg Boss 16”, got into an argument after Ankit poked fun at Priyanka when she got him a cup of coffee.

Ankit’s behaviour upset Priyanka especially because Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma were around. Visibly hurt, Priyanka reminded Ankit that she had always stood by him. Ankit, however, insisted that he never asked her to get him a cup of coffee. This led to a spat between the two.

Bigg Boss, meanwhile, has announced a new task in which all the housemates have to go get rations from a make-believe market set up in the living area, travelling on a makeshift truck.

House Captain Shiv Thakare is the one who takes care of the task and keeps a watch on the other housemates. He gives the signal for them to come to the market and grab all the grocery items they can until he blows a horn for them to stop. The ration left after all the housemates pick up their groceries is offered to Shiv.

In the middle of this task, a fight took place between Archana and Soundarya, but it dissipated fast as both realised their mistakes and continued being good friends.

“Bigg Boss 16” airs on Colors.




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