‘Bigg Boss 16’: Sajid Khan shows the finger to ‘captain’ Gautam Vig, gets into brawl

Filmmaker and #MeToo acussed Sajid Khan showed his middle finger to house captain Gautam Vig after he lost his cool in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ over giving up the entire ration of the house.

Sajid along with his group of friends Shiv Thakare, Gori Nagori, Nimrit Kaur and MC Stan went on a hunger strike against Gautam’s captaincy. However, things went from bad to worse after Sajid started abusing Gautam and tagged him “selfish” for trading the ration of the entire house.

The two got into an ugly spat and Sajid showed his middle finger to Gautam and hurled abuses. He then asked him to stay away from him if he didn’t want to fight.

When Gautam asked Sajid to not use explatives, Sajid almost got into a physical fight. He said that he will not stop abusing him even if he gets thrown out of the house.




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