‘Bigg Boss 17’: Anurag gets angry after Arun says he left hotel with different women

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Anurag Dobhal was seen losing his cool over co-housemate Arun Mahashetty, which later almost turned into a physical altercation.

In the episode, Arun and Anurag were first seen having a verbal spat.

Later, Anurag got upset when Arun made a statement about the former that he was seen entering a hotel with one woman and leaving with another.

Arun had said, “Tera pata hain. Dekha meine sab. Hotel mein kisike saath gaya tha, agle din kis ke saath nikla tha.”

Not appreciating what he said, an angered Anurag replied: “Wo meri behen thi. Tu national television pe aake meri behen ko track kar raha hain? Tu meri behen ke bareein mein national television pe bola? Ki mein raat ko kisike se saath ghuske, kisi aur ke saath nikla? Family ko maat leke aa, don’t do it.”

The fight later escalated, where Anurag held Arun’s collar. However, housemates quickly got in between to stop it.

Later, Arun and Anurag again got into an altercation in the kitchen, where the latter broke a plate. Amid all of this, Bigg Boss announced that the kitchen will be shut till his next announcement as punishment.



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