‘Bigg Boss Non-Stop’: Sree Rapaka likely to get eliminated


Slowly getting a grip over the TRPs, ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Non-stop’, the OTT version of the reality show is turning out to be interesting. As the weekend is here, speculation about the weekend eliminations is rife.

It is reported that Mithraw Sharma and Sree Rapaka are in the danger zone, while the other nominated contestants seem to have gained a good number of votes. As per the ongoing buzz and social media voting patterns, Sree Rapaka will likely get eliminated from the show in the weekend’s elimination process.

If the news turns out to be true, Sree Rapaka will be the second contestant who will be out of the ‘Bigg Boss Non-Stop’ show, while Mumaith Khan was the first one to be eliminated.

Hosted by Nagarjuna, ‘Bigg Boss Non-Stop’ has slowly picked up pace, while the initial days were almost dingy.

Tejaswni Madivada, Ashu Reddy, Ariyana, Akhil Sarthak, Mahesh Vitta, and a few others are currently being identified as the strongest contestants, while the others are slowly picking up to show their talent on the show.



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