‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: After Hamida’s exit, show gets more intense

The fifth elimination from the “Bigg Boss Telugu 5” house saw upcoming actress Hamida exit the reality show. The first four to be eliminated were actresses Sarayu and Uma Devi, anchor Lahari and choreographer Nataraj. With Hamida’s elimination, Season 5 is getting more intense by the day.

With her beautiful smile and captivating social skills, Hamida was expected to stay in the Bigg Boss house for a longer time. But when the votes were tallied, Hamida’s count was the least and the host, Nagarjuna, announced her elimination.

Singer Sree Rama Chandra, who is the closest friend of Hamida’s, got quite emotional about her elimination. Hamida and Sree Rama Chandra were seen together most of the time on “Bigg Boss Telugu 5”. Now that Sree Rama Chandra is left alone in the Bigg Boss house, he said she was the only one who could understand his real intentions in the house.

Hamida, who could be a potential contender for this season, kept focusing on Sree Rama Chandra. This led to a rift between Hamida and the other housemates, landing her in the nominations this week.

Meanwhile, actors Shanmukh and Priya, choreographer Anne, and RJ Kajal escape the upcoming nominations this week, leaving the others in the danger zone.

Every Monday, the contestants get into huge fights and verbal wars, but with Hamida’s exit, is the temperature in the house going to come down? That is the big question swirling over the show.