‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Post-nomination effects on housemates, Hamida out


‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ saw actress Hamida being shown the door during the weekend eliminations. With the Monday nominations heat, the Bigg Boss house had no bigger issues, except that the housemates nominated each other.

While actor Manas, RJ Kajal, actress Priya, and Anne Master escaped the nominations, all the other housemates fall in the danger zone for the upcoming eliminations. There was an unusual tension between the housemates during the week’s nominations on the episode which were telecast on Monday.

Also, the environment had changed a bit post-nominations. VJ Sunny starts to entertain the housemates, going by the promo which was released a while ago. He is seen making fun of the housemates, by imitating the earlier situations in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house.

On the other hand, actress Swetha seems to be on fire. As she already mentioned during her nominations, she seems to find Shanmukh’s provocation offensive.

It all started after actor Vishwa had yelled at the housemates during the tasks, when Shannu had mentioned that he wanted to provoke Vishwa to bring out the worst out of him, as a part of game strategy.

Swetha, who already nominated Shanmukh for the same reason, seems furious over the same issue in this episode, going by the promo. Swetha is seen discussing the same thing, over again, with much anger.

Well, the makers have announced the week’s captaincy task in which the contestants have to make dolls out of the raw materials provided to them.