‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Siri and Shanmukh confused about their relationship

Dance master Anee’s exit from ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ came as a shocker to the housemates, as they were expecting RJ Kajal or Priyanka Singh to be evicted instead of Anee.

Also, the relationships in the house have become more complex than ever, as there are a limited number of people left in the show now.

The chemistry between the two contestants is in constant negative talks, as the Telugu audience cannot tolerate a few things. Contestants Siri and Shanmukh, who gave an impression that they are ‘just being friends’, flipped their words, creating much drama during the week.

All the while, the catfights of Siri and Shanmukh were taken as immaturity, until they both confessed that they have developed feelings for each other, despite their individual relationships out of the show. During the weekend episodes, host Nagarjuna tried to converse with the duo, who confessed to Nagarjuna, about getting emotionally attached to each other.

“I know my past (about her fiance, who she is supposed to get married to). But, sir! I have started feeling strong emotions for Shanmukh. This never happened to me ever. I am not acting or even over-reacting. I am being myself and trying to keep my calm”, Siri spoke out.

On the other hand, Shanmukh also confessed the same. Shanmukh has got the potential to be in the top three, while he has lost his focus, by involving in a relationship with Siri, while he already has a girlfriend outside the reality show. This is not being accepted by the audience, and hence he is losing his fandom too, gradually.



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