‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ viewers slam Siri and Shannu as ‘fake friends’


As the ongoing episodes are full of viral content, ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ has been consistently grabbing decent TRP ratings. With back-to-back tasks, mind games, and catfights, the show has been providing much drama to the viewers.

As the contestants proceed with the game, it seems like they are forming groups with game plans in their minds.

Siri, Shanmukh, Jaswath were called the trio of the season. With them being together and playing the game together, they were even branded as the ‘Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswara’ trio. Jaswanth a.k.a. Jessie is out of the game now, with his poor health condition being treated in a secret room. After Jessie abruptly made an exit from the house, there was a huge drama with Siri and Shannu weeping.

Later, the duo Siri and Shannu got busy with their games, which is quite normal. But, in Saturday’s episode, both of them were least bothered to know about the current health condition of their so-called friend. This has appeared in a way that they were just faking their relationship with Jessie all the way.

“I expected that Siri or Shannu would enquire on Jessie’s health condition and whereabouts. They seem to be least bothered, which shocked me,” Siri’s online fan wrote. While Shannu’s supporters are unable to defend him being this insensitive, they give up on this argument online.

Shanmukh’s fan took to his Twitter to express, “I agree that Shannu is being insensitive about Jessie. It is not right that they give an impression that they care for people, while they really do not. Quite upset with his behaviour. The least he could do was to ask Nag sir about Jessie’s health condition. Not a fan anymore.”

On the other hand, the makers have decided to send Jessie out and evict him due to his health condition. Kajal and Manas are saved from the evictions this week, as Jaswanth is the one to get eliminated from the show in Sunday’s episode, as per the sources.