Bihar Assembly Speaker slams Lakhisarai SP over law & order

Bihar Vidhan Sabha speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha, while expressing ire over frequent crime incidents in his home district Lakhisarai, has slammed Superintendent of Police (SP) Sushil Kumar over law and order situation in the district.

“We have been witnessing a large number of drunken men are being arrested in the district. How it is possible. I believe that without the link of police with mafias, liquor operations including manufacturing, trade and consumption cannot be possible. Every time when some liquor related incident takes place in the district, the SP use to arrest a few of them and left others,” Sinha said.

“Suppose, Lakhisarai has 100 liquor mafias, district police use to arrest five of them and leave the remaining 95 untouched,” the Speaker elaborated.

Sinha further claimed that he has multiple times sought the details of officials deployed in the police stations in the district where liquors are frequently detected, but the SP has not yet provided him the details.

“Lakhisarai district has been a stronghold of criminals in the past. If SP like him would serve here, we cannot establish a lawful and peaceful atmosphere in the district,” the Speaker said.

“I was informed that an orchestra event was organised in Kamarpur village of my assembly constituency Lakhisarai, wherein people waved firearms and fired several rounds. Unfortunately, the SHO of the concerned police station did not arrest the event organizers. He has arrested a few innocent people who were watching the event. If we do not arrest actual criminals, how could we establish the rules of the law in the district,” Sinha said.

“This is a serious issue. I will talk to the Chief Minister and the DGP of the state to address the issue,” he concluded.




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