Bihar DGP asks force to give results or face action

Newly-appointed Bihar DGP R.S. Bhatti has given a clear message to every state police personnel to control crime in their respective jurisdictions or he will take action against them.

The DGP also fixed the responsibility of every officer from sub-inspectors to ADGP rank officers. He especially told the SPs and SSPs that they are the supervisory authority and will be held responsible if crime takes place in their respective district.

“There is a very simple and basic formula to force criminals to run. If criminals sit in one place and start making conspiracies to execute crime, they will force cops to run. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to chase the criminals or not,” Bhatti said while addressing his first high-level meeting with officers spanning from Inspector to ADGP-level through video conferencing.

“In case of frequent crimes in one particular police station, I will visit. In case I will go there, you can understand what happened then. After every major crime, the SHO of the police station was held responsible for it. I want to ask why the DSP and the SP would be spared. They are the monitoring authority and they cannot skip from it. You will be equally held responsible for upable to prevent crime,” Bhatti said.

During his speech, he asked every policeman to do the duty honestly and give effective results. If they fail to do that, action will be taken against them. He has asked the police to destroy the nexus of liquor mafia or criminals related to organised crime. He also gave the message that no one is more powerful than the police of the state.

“If you give the result, I am with you and I will listen to your grievances but if you are unable to control crime, I will take action against you,” Bhatti reiterated.

After he took over the charge as the DGP, no major crime has happened in Bihar for the last three days. Bhatti also analysed the investigation of Saran hooch tragedy and is closely monitoring the developments.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given complete authority to him to control the crime and break the nexus, assuring whether it would be of politicians and criminals, the CM’s Office and any other authority would not ask him for privilege or recommendation to release the criminals.




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