Bihar DM lodges criminal complaint against wife, mother in law

The District Magistrate in Sheohar district in north Bihar on Friday filed a criminal complaint against his wife and mother-in-law.

Sajjan Rajshekhar, the DM of Sheohar, has levelled seven serious charges, including extortion and defamation, against his wife Sitara GSS and mother-in-law Bharti Venkateshan.

The FIR has been registered at the city police station of the district. Rajshekhar has also filed a divorce petition at the district family court.

Earlier in June, Sitara had filed a criminal case against Rajshekhar at the city police station in Muzaffarpur, levelling serious charges of domestic violence and dowry against the DM.

Rajshekher has alleged that his wife and mother-in-law are putting mental pressure on him, besides extorting money from him. He also termed the allegation of domestic violence and dowry levelled against him as completely baseless.

Meanwhile, Sitara has said that she is not prepared for divorce.

“We got married on September 4, 2017 in Chennai and have a daughter named Heera and a son named Daivik. The daughter is staying with him (Rajshekhar) while my son is staying with me. He did not give any money for the maintenance of my son and me,” she said.