Bihar: Ex-MP, strongman Anand Mohan acquitted in 33-yr-old kidnapping case


Saharsa Special MLA-MLC Court in Bihar has acquitted former Lok Sabha MP and strongman Anand Mohan in a 33-year-old kidnapping case.

Sangeeta Singh, the defense lawyer of Anand Mohan, said: “It was a kidnapping case of 1989 (case number 431/89). He is acquitted due to the lack of evidence. This is a 33-year-old case and there was no evidence against my client which proved him guilty. Hence, the Special MLA-MLC Court Additional District Judge, Vikas Kumar Singh acquitted him on Tuesday.”

Mohan was facing charges of allegedly kidnapping a presiding officer during Lok Sabha by-election in Saharsa in 1989.

He was present in the court when Justice Vikas Kumar Singh announced his acquittal.

“I have great faith in the court of law and I firmly believe that I will get justice one day. Today is the day when I was acquitted in a 33-year-old case and I am thankful to the court of law,” Mohan said.

“I was booked for alleged murder of the then Gopalganj District Magistrate G. Krishnaiah but everyone knows that I had no role in his murder. Even the top leaders of the ruling parties also know that I was innocent in this case. I was still booked under murder charges and was serving a jail term. I am hopeful that I will be acquitted from every case pending against me in the courts,” the former MP added.

Anand Mohan has completed the jail term for the alleged murder of Krishnaiah in 1994.

The lower court had given him death penalty in 2007 but the judgement of lower court was challenged before the Patna high court which gave benefit of doubt to him and commuted the death penalty into life imprisonment. He is serving jail terms in other cases.

The Patna high court found that the then Gopalganj District Magistrate was killed due to mob lynching and Anand Mohan was present there.

As per an official, Mohan had a close relation with the then Muzaffarpur mafia don Chotan Shukla.

When Chotan Shukta was killed in 1994, Anand Mohan attended his funeral.

When supporters of Chotan Shukla were taking his body to the cremation ground, a red beacon car came there, following which an angry mob attacked it.

The car was driven by G. Krishnaiah but the angry mob lynched him to death.

As Anand Mohan was also present there, he was booked under murder charges and abetting the mob to kill the government officer.



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