‘Bihar govt should take action against top officials over liquor deaths’


Following the death of eight persons in Nawada and Begusarai, reportedly caused by the consumption of spurious liquor, Sanajay Jaiswal, Rajya Sabha MP and Bihar unit chief of the BJP, said on Wednesday that action should be taken against top officials in order to effectively implement the liquor prohibition in the state.

“The state government should sack top officials in order to make the liquor ban successful in Bihar. Cases of liquor smuggling, consumption, and rise in the number of illegal country-made liquor factories can be stopped only after we take stringent action against the top officials,” Jaiswal said.

Jaiswal’s comment came after six persons died in Nawada and two others in Begusarai after they reportedly consumed poisonous liquor.

“It is the responsibility of the senior officials to prevent liquor related crimes. Our CM Nitish Kumar has said this several times. Now, the time has come to endorse his direction,” Jaiswal said.

“Whenever laws are made for the welfare of the common people, some people violate them. But that does not mean that those laws would get abolished,” Jaiswal said.