Bihar man carries away wife’s body on shoulder as hospital denies ambulance


The pathetic situation of Bihar’s health system surfaces time to time, with the latest such incident reported from Vaishali district where a man carried the dead body of his wife to hospital on his shoulder and took it back to his village for cremation the same way as the hospital did not provide an ambulance.

Krishna Kumar, a native of Ramdhauli village under Vidupur block in Vaishali, had brough his wife for treatment into the Hajipur Sadar hospital on Thursday. Shockingly, when he was walking with the body on his shoulder, neither the security guards nor any medical staff stopped him.

The doctors present in the emergency ward checked her and declared brought dead. Krishna Kumar then requested the hospital for an ambulance to carry the dead body back home.

“I have waited for an hour but none of the medical staff arranged the ambulance. As I did not have enough money, I took my wife’s dead body on the shoulder and walked out from the hospital,” he told local reporters in his native village.

When he was carrying the dead body on the shoulder, an onlooker captured the incident on mobile phone and uploaded it on social media.

However, Vaishali Civil Surgeon, Dr Pramod Kumar Singh told IANS that Krishna Kumar came with his wife for treatment and the medical officer present in the emergency ward examined her, and found she was already dead. “The doctor told Krishna Kumar to stay for some time until official formalities were completed. The medical officers of emergency went busy. Meanwhile, he took the dead body on the shoulder and ran away from the hospital.”

“We have given show cause notice to the guards present at the gate of the hospital,” Singh said.



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