Bihar Minister in trouble over illicit liquor trade

Bihar’s Revenue and Land Reforms Minister Ram Surat Rai has landed himself in a soup after framing charges against the Principal of a school in Muzaffarpur district for his alleged involvement in an illicit liquor trade.

Ansubhashkar Kushwaha, brother of Amrendra Kumar Kushwaha, Principal of Arjun Memorial Gyan Vidya Mandir in Muzaffarpur, addressed the media jointly with RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav in the latter’s official residence at 10 circular house here on Saturday.

Ansubhaskar said that the incident took place on November 8, 2020, when a liquor-laden truck with a Haryana number plate on it, entered the school premise that belongs to Rai.

“Being the Principal of the school, my brother immediately informed the matter to the Bochaha police station. He also called up Hansraj Rai, brother of the Cabinet Minister Ram Surat Rai, but he did not receive his call,” Ansubhashkar said.

“A team of police reached the school and saw the liquor boxes being unloaded from a truck to four pickup vans, but did not take any action. The next day my brother was arrested after he reached the police station to report about the inaction,” he alleged.

“I am also a teacher in the school. I went to the Bochaha police station and urged the SHO to release my brother as he was a complainant and not the culprit. But the police officers abused us and threw me out of that place,” Ansubhashkar said.

“While returning from the police station, two unidentified bike-borne men waylaid me and threatened to take the entire responsibility of liquor trade. They also warned failing to do so will lead to dire consequences. Your entire family will be killed,” he added.

Tejashwi Yadav said: “Ram Surat Rai had earlier claimed that the school was given on a lease to Amrendra Kumar Kushwaha which is absolutely false. The school was inaugurated by the Minister himself in 2017. He has also distributed prizes to students and Ansubhaskar has the photographs to prove his claims. Moreover, the school has been named after Arjun Rai, father of Ram Surat Rai.”

“Minister Ram Surat Rai claimed that the property has been given on a lease, then why he is not presenting the agreement and financial transaction details to support his statement. He should present all the details in public domain,” he said.

“We have enough proof against the Minister but we want him to explain in Bihar Vidhan Sabha or any other public platform on these charges. He is lying and his story is fabricated. Bihar police is also involved in concealing the matter to save the Minister. It is working under the pressure of BJP and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar,” the RJD leader added.

“I appeal to CM Nitish Kumar to take cognizance into the matter and initiate transparent inquiry. He should terminate the alleged Minister from immediate effect as chances of evidence destruction is possible,” Tejashwi said.