Bihar minister’s nephew arrested on murder charge

The police in Bihars Purnea district have arrested seven persons, including the nephew of state minister Lesi Singh, on murder charges, an official said on Saturday.

The local police said that the nephew of Lesi Singh, Ashish Singh alias Athiya, is allegedly involved in three murder cases, including that former district council president Viswajeet Singh alias Rintu Singh, which had hit the headlines for several days.

Purnea SP Daya Shankar said that the accused have confessed to the crime.

Athiya, a notorious gangster, was allegedly present at the time of the murder of Rintu Singh and Beni Singh, who were killed due to a political revelry. Also, Athiya was the main conspirator in the murder of Neeraj Jha.

“Following the murder of Rintu Singh on November 14, 2021, Athiya escaped to Madhya Pradesh. After technical surveillance on many of his family members, relatives and known persons, the location of Athiya was detected. Subsequently, we arrested him,” Daya Shankar said.

Following his confession, the police arrested six more persons who are said to be the sharp shooters of Athiya.




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