Bihar MLC elections to be conducted through ballot papers


The Election Commission of Bihar (ECB) has decided to conduct the MLC polls through ballot papers.

According to an official notification, the election commission will not give symbols for any candidate.

“The ballot papers contain the names of candidates, his/her photographs, followed by the party’s name and a blank box where voters would cast their votes in favour of the particular candidates,” an official said.

“The ECB has also introduced a grading system for the candidates. In case voters have multiple choices, they can also mention a choice number 1, to 5,” he said.

The voters can cast their votes only through violet colour sketch pen. Other pens, pencils, ball pens are not allowed. Thumb impressions, finger impressions or signatures are also prohibited.

The ECB is conducting an MLC poll for 24 seats in Bihar and 187 candidates are in the fray.

The polling is scheduled to be held on April 4.

In the MLC elections, the elected Panchayat members and municipal bodies’ members such as Mukhiya, ward councillors, district councillors apart from MLAs and MPs are eligible to vote.



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