Bihar: New JDU MLAs to deliver positivity on social media

The experienced members of the ruling Janata Dal (United) in Bihar are now teaching new MLAs how to use social media for maximum benefits. They will give tips to their juniors on delivering positive things to the public through social media.

Former JD(U) President and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has multiple times vented his ire at various public meetings about the negative and inflammatory things on social media.

The Chief Minister also expressed displeasure over anti-social talk on social media at the meeting of the party’s MLAs on Friday. He said, “Anti-social talks are also being pushed on social media. All the members should deliver positive things to the public through social media. This will improve the situation in the society and a sense of harmony will be developed.”

A JDU leader said that there will be a meeting of new members on the evening of February 24, where senior members will give special information regarding constitutional arrangements and activities, rules etc to the juniors. Apart from this, they will also be told how anti-social things are happening on social media.

He said the old members of the party will share their experiences with the new members.