Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bihar SC/ST Minister makes reporters stop cameras after not understanding two English words

Bihar’s newly-appointed SC/ST Welfare Minister Ratnesh Sada on Thursday asked media persons to stop their cameras during a media briefing as he was reportedly confused after a reporters used English words in a question.

Sada was in Jehanabad district where he had chaired a meeting of district officials.

After the meeting, a reporter asked about what instructions he has given to officers in the “review” meeting and what the “findings” had come out of it.

The minister purportedly failed to understand the meaning of review and findings and hence, asked the reporters and camera persons to stop the recording. But the incident was captured in the mobile phones.

Ratnesh Sada eventually took the help of a reporter who explained the meaning of review and findings to him in Hindi and then he answered.

“During the review meeting, I informed the officials that community halls will be constructed in 4 panchayats of the district. The funds are available now but tenders have not been floated. This is in progress. Besides 18 cases of murders and rape happened in the districts and the families in 12 cases have been compensated. The remaining 6 will be compensated in the next 2 to 3 days. In some schools, computer teachers are required. We will go to Patna and take steps in this regard,” Sada said.



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