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Bihar Speaker claims certain people are indulging in negative propaganda to malign state’s image

Bihar Assembly Speaker Awadh Bihari Choudhary on Sunday claimed that “negative propaganda” is being spread about the state by a section of people.

He appealed to the people to avoid getting disappointed as Bihar is moving swiftly on the development path.

Addressing a gathering on the last day of NRI Summit, Choudhary said: “Don’t get disappointed by negative propaganda about the state. Certain vested interests keep trying to spread baseless propaganda and rumours. No propaganda can stop Bihar from attaining new heights. Propaganda can’t decide Bihar’s fate, only progress can. There are some shortcomings but the Bihar government stands united with its people to improve the scenario.

“Bihar is moving swiftly on the path of development. The state has made significant achievements on various fronts ranging from agriculture and healthcare to education and employment. It may not be seen from far away but it is very much evident on the ground.”

Earlier, Choudhary presented the ‘Shreshth Bihar-Navanirmaan Yugal’ award to Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Chairman Atul Prasad and SIDBI General Manager Anubha Prasad for making significant contributions in enhancing people’s life in Bihar.

Atul Prasad was recently in the limelight for successfully organising the drive to recruit about 1.20 lakh teachers in a single phase, while Anubha Prasad has made significant impact by founding Karekeba Ventures (Kare-ke-ba), the pioneering incubation-cum-impact investment platform for startups and innovation-businesses working for under-served geographies of India.

“Atul Prasad joins me in thanking everyone for considering us worthy of the award. This has inspired us to change even more lives with our humble efforts and contribute to the development and transformation of Bihar,” said Anubha Prasad.

During the three-day NRI summit in Patna, social scientists, industry leaders, experts and professionals from across the world participated in brainstorming sessions to identify strategies that will enable Bihar to grow in a more equitable and inclusive manner.



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