Bihar woman gives birth to boy while writing Class 10 exam

A pregnant woman in her early twenties, who went to appear for her class 10 exam at the Mahant Darshan Das Mahila (MDDM) College Examination Centre in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district, suddenly started having labour pains. She was rushed to a hospital where she gave birth to a child in the evening whom she named ‘Imtihaan’.

Meera Madhumita, Central in-charge, MDDM College, said a matriculation examination centre has been opened in the college. On Friday, Shanti Devi, who was appearing for the Class 10 exams in the second shift, suddenly started having labour pains after writing her exam for one hour.

The invigilator immediately informed the Central in-charge about Shanti Devi’s condition. Shanti was asked to lie down in a separate room and this information was given to the District Education Official. Following his instructions, Shanti was sent by ambulance to the Sadar Hospital where she gave birth to a boy late in the evening.

Shanti is elated after giving birth to a boy. Her husband Birju Sehni says that she had finished the objective-type questions before the pains began. He said both his wife and child are okay.

Shanti’s husband said God has given him a son during an examination, for this reason the child has been named ‘Imtihaan’. Shanti wants to study further and then take up a job.