Billie Piper says years with Chris Evans were the ‘happiest’

Talking about her marriage with Hollywood star Chris Evans, British actress Billie Piper says it was the “happiest time” of her life.

Piper, who was with Evans from 2000 to 2004, says that they travelled a lot together.

“Even though our life was completely wild — in comparison to other people’s lives — I felt like I was living out a lot of my uni years or something because we spent a great deal of time travelling and drinking and meeting people that I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise,” she said in the ‘Changes With Annie Macmanus’ podcast, reports

She says her time with him was very “healing”.

“Also I’d become so reclusive before I met him. So it felt like a very healing time, although the world looked upon it as a reckless time. It’s just crazy to think that when I was at my happiest as a teen, everyone thought I was at my saddest,” she says.

Piper, who is now in a relationship with musician Johnny Lloyd, says that she has fond memories of her time with Evans. “I’ve always got really fond memories and a lot of love and warmth (for that time). It felt like a really important moment in my life,” she says.