Bina Modi taking forward KK Modi’s vision of ‘Giving back to the society’

The $1.5 billion Modi enterprises has come a long way from 1930s moving away from the traditional business of the family to a diverse conglomerate of businesses, which includes Agro, speciality and performance chemicals, tobacco, pan masala, mouth fresheners, confectionary, retail, education, cosmetic, entertainment, direct selling, fashion travel and gourmet restaurants.

The company remains strongly committed to improving the quality of life of people and communities it operates in through its various CSR programmes focussed on health care, education, skill development, sustainable livelihood, art and culture.

According to Dr Bina Modi, Chairperson, Modi enterprises however modern the governing structures of companies evolve into the fundamental values of care, empathy and family will always remain the corner stone for Modi Enterprises. She said “Since the early 1930s responsibility has always been an essential driving force for our family. The desire to give back to the society, and uplift those who have been with us in our journey has always been the cornerstone of our company. I am proud to carry this legacy forward”.

With Bina Modi’ strategic guidance, CSR programs have been redefined at Modi Enterprises to ensure integration in corporate strategy and business sustainability. Each group company is using CSR as an effective channel to transform both business and community in a collaborative manner.

Godfrey Phillip and Indofil are looking at integrated rural development, health & sanitisation, safeguarding environmental and natural resources, while other companies are looking at quality and modern education for children, empowering and engaging the youth and women, empowerment to ensure a secure future for generations.

Modicare Foundation, established by son Samir Modi is actively extending the group’s philanthropy. Founded in 1996, Modicare Foundation’s core focus areas are empowerment of children, adolescents and women by developing a holistic approach towards education, life skills and leadership.