Biopic on India’s Recycle Man announced by NH Studioz

Is it possible for one single person to change the planet? The obvious answer seems like it is no but a ten-year-old clearly thought differently and so began the inspirational journey of India’s ‘Recycle Man’.

Dr. Binish Desai, India’s ‘Recycle Man’ was a path breaking tale of determination and perseverance and very aptly on World Environment Day on June 5, NH Studioz announced that they will be adapting this inspirational story for the big screen.

The as-yet untitled movie will be an inclusive biopic on Dr. Desai’s life which will begin right from his childhood and will progress to his experiences as a youthful environmentalist. NH Studioz has reportedly secured the rights for the movie adaptation.

Sources close to the movie say that the makers are looking for young face to play the titular role.

This will be Bollywood’s first attempt to make a movie that focuses on elimination of waste and works towards building a greener country.

Another new factor is that his project will focus a lot on sustainability and take a carbon negative approach and the concept for the shoot involves a lot of input from Dr. Desai himself.

Speaking about the movie, Dr. Desai said, “This movie is for every young kid to know that no matter what your age is or where you come from, if you have an idea go for it. Life is all about failures and how we learn from it to overcome obstacles and make our dreams a reality. My journey is not about what I achieved but the challenges, failures and obstacles that came in the way, may it be losing everything, being on a gunpoint or being called mad for working with waste. Despite facing all of these, a boy was able to follow his dreams and make it a reality”.

Speaking further on why the idea of the film came to be, producer, Shreyans Hirawat of NH Studioz said, “While the movie is about a young man’s journey towards saving our planet – at its core it is an inspiration for the new gen, as to how one can fulfill dreams at any age even without any means, from the remotest places possible.”



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