Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi gets ILS

The Airports Authority of India has commissioned Facility Performance Category-I Instrument Landing System (ILS) for Runway-31 at its Birsa Munda airport at Ranchi in Jharkhand.

According to officials, the new ILS replaced the existing facility that had completed its recommended life span. The airport has been witnessing a steady increase in passenger movement.

With a project cost of approximately Rs 5.67 crore, the new ILS has been commissioned with effect from January 9, for operational use at the airport. The complete installation, alignment, testing and flight inspection of the new system has been done in-house by AAI’s Radio Construction and Developments Unit/Flight Inspection Unit (RCDU/FIU).

The new ILS that has been installed at the airport catering to higher passenger movement is manufactured by M/s Indra (Normarc), a leading manufacturer of Radio Navigational aids systems in the world. The new facility has an improved ILS Localizer Antenna System that will help in precision approach of all aircraft landing at the airport in all weather conditions.

The ILS is a standard ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) precision approach landing aid that is used to provide accurate azimuth as well as descent guidance signals for guidance to aircraft for runway landing under normal or adverse weather conditions. An ILS has two main sub-systems i.e. the Localizer and Glide Path System which provide lateral and vertical guidance respectively to a landing aircraft. A Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) collocated with Glide Path or Markers are also installed as part of ILS to provide the distance from the touch down on the runway to the landing aircraft. ILS provides lateral and vertical guidance which is necessary for a landing aircraft to fly a precision approach.

It’s facility is considered to be a highly accurate and dependable means of navigating to the airport runway in all weather conditions.




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