BJP conspiring to divert attention from economic disaster: Mamata


The ruling BJP is resorting to various conspiracies to divert attention from the economic crisis in the country, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday.

“The price of petrol and diesel have been hiked 11 times during the last 13 days. There has been an exorbitant hike in the price of cooking gas as well. The country is going through an acute economic crisis. The government should hold meetings with all political parties in the country and discuss it. But the ruling party of the country is resorting to conspiracies to divert public attention from this economic crisis,” she told media persons here.

Banerjee also said that several fake developments are made viral in the country to instigate people. “Often people are reacting to that without checking the authenticity. There are attempts to malign my image. But I know how to counter that,” she said.

She also said that the Union government is silent about the academic future of the Indian students who have returned from Ukraine. “The Union government should take the responsibility so that the students from Ukraine can complete their studies in the country. I have already written to the Union government on this count. However, I am yet to get a reply. But I have decided that the state government should arrange for the same for the students from West Bengal who have returned from Ukraine.”

On the latest incident about the viral video that showed Giasuddin Mondal, an expelled student of Aliah University and having links with her Trinamool Congress, heckling and abusing the Vice Chancellor, the Chief Minister said that the police has taken prompt action by arresting the offender.

“The students can have some grievances. One of them resorted to abuse for which he has been arrested,” she said.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor, Mohammad Ali, said after this grave insult, he is no more willing to continue in Aliah University. “I wish to go back to Jadavpur University and I have also written to JU authorities on this count,” he said.



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