BJP conspiring to end reservation by privatisation: Akhilesh

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav has said that the BJP is conspiring to end reservation in the government jobs by privatisation.

He said that this would hit youths aspiring for government jobs.

Akhilesh, while addressing meetings on Thursday night, described the 2022 Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh as a historic opportunity for the deprived and the jobless to protect Indian Constitution and avail the right enshrined therein.

“The growing fear of losing the elections is taking its toll on the ruling BJP. With defeat imminent in the elections, the party has now become more intolerant and aggressive. Attempts to hatch conspiracies and defame the opposition are growing. But the people have seen through this falsehood and are coming out in support of the opposition parties in growing numbers,” he pointed out.

Akhilesh said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath claims that his government has given jobs to youths but he conveniently overlooks the fact that thousands of young boys and girls are being beaten up for demanding jobs and protesting against anomalies in recruitment of teachers for 69,000 vacancies.

“Dalits and Backward Class candidates have been deprived of their reservation rights in recruitment for 68,500 and 69,000 vacancies that have been advertised 2018 onwards,” he said.

The SP national president said the chief minister keeps on making statements on providing jobs quoting bogus statistics and does not pay attention to thousands of jobless youths holding demonstrations outside the Vidhan Bhawan and marching towards his residence.

“The government should put out hoardings of those who have been given jobs,” he added.

Akhilesh cited news photographs in which a police officer is seen holding a youth by his neck and dragging him away from the protest site, Akhilesh said influenced by the ‘encounter culture’ of the present government, some policemen have lost human touch.




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