BJP exploring new social equations for 2024 general elections


In an attempt to continue its winning spree, the BJP has started exploring new social equations to return to power for a third consecutive term in 2024.

After exploring several social equation experiments among Hindus, the BJP is now exploring possibilities to make inroads into the marginalised sections and other religious groups with the developmental and welfare policies of the Narendra Modi government.

Since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has experimented several social equations among Hindu communities. Now the party is acting on the advice of Modi, given at the BJP national executive meeting held earlier this month in Hyderabad.

Sources said that Modi told the party leaders that there have been many experiments regarding social equations among Hindus communities and it is time that similar social equations are explored among the other religious groups.

A senior BJP functionary said that plans will be made to reach out to some sections of Hindu community which never voted for the party, along with religious minorities such as backward Muslims and Christians.

“Focus is to strengthen the party by winning the support of the marginalised sections and other religious groups with eight years of development and welfare works of the Modi government,” he said.

Among minorities, BJP’s major focus is on backward Muslims or Pasmanda Muslims, and Christians.

“Backward or Pasmanda Muslims form over 75 per cent of the total population of the community. Now we are reaching out to them to expand our support base ahead of the 2024 general elections,” a party insider said.

Another leader said that during the recent Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and the Azamgarh Lok Sabha bypolls, backward Muslim communities who benefited from PM Awas Yojna, PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana and other schemes had voted for the BJP.

“These Muslims, especially the backward groups, are openly supporting Modi and now we are planning to further consolidate their support by reaching out to the backward Muslims across the country,” he said.

After winning the support of Christian voters in the Northeast, the saffron party is eyeing the community in Kerala by launching a massive outreach programme.

The BJP feels that winning the support of new vote bank ahead of the next general elections will further strengthen the party’s position in 2024.

“For the next Lok Sabha polls, we are planning get more than 50 per cent vote share and it can be achieved only by increasing party acceptance among new communities. Backward Muslims is one of such community,” another party leader said.

Apart from social equation, the BJP is concentrating on 30 crore ‘labharthis’ (beneficiaries) of the welfare schemes of the Modi government. During the recent meeting of the BJP national office-bearers ahead of the national executive, the BJP decided to explore new ways to reach out to the 30 crore beneficiaries.

“Beneficiaries of welfare schemes are turning out to be supporters of the party since the 2019 Lok Sabha polls,” a party leader said.



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