BJP extorting money for license of EV charging station: AAP


The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday alleged that BJP-ruled MCD is looting crores of rupees in the name of issuing licenses for EV Charging Stations despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi having ended the need for such licenses.

“The PM himself has said these charging stations don’t need licenses. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is offering subsidies to them. But the BJP ruled South MCD is asking for licenses to set up charging stations,” AAP’s Durgesh Pathak said during a press conference on Thursday, adding that the party is asking interested applicants to not just take licenses but also ‘meet’ their councillors and seek their ‘approval’ over the matter.

“The quantum of threat posed by pollution is a problem that plagues Delhi every year. We have all seen how Delhi becomes a gas chamber during the period of Diwali due to stubble burning and various other factors. The whole world at this juncture is busy fighting pollution,” Pathak said.

Alleging red-tapism and bribery in the party, AAP leader stated that BJP has made a rate card for its bribes against the licenses, if you know a councillor, pay Rs 50 lakh, if you know a senior leader, pay Rs 25-30 lakh, claiming that one victim of this proposal apprised him about the rate card.

“The biggest proponent of modern tech solutions against pollution was the introduction of electric vehicles. Our country is working to adopt the use of EVs and in that vein is investing in charging infrastructure too.”

“There’s a lack of charging stations across the country and that’s why the Prime Minister himself encouraged everyone to develop charging stations in their area. The procedure to set up EV charging stations is supposed to be free of bureaucratic hurdles and licenses,” he added.



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