BJP hopeful in Himachal despite trends showing otherwise

Despite the official trends indicating a clear victory for the Congress in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls, a spirited BJP on Thursday still exuded confidence in forming a government in the hill state.

“In Himachal Pradesh, we will form the government but we are waiting for the final result,” K.K. Sharma, National Spokesperson of BJP, said.

Asked about the numbers where Congress is leading, he said, “There are many places where BJP candidates will win and the result will definitely be in our favour. We are still hopeful,” he said.

Crossing the halfway mark, the opposition Congress surged ahead of the ruling BJP by winning 16 seats and leading on 23 out of the 68 Assembly seats while the ruling party won 13 seats and leading on 13 seats at around 3.31 p.m. Three independents also won the seats.

If the Congress wins, the hill state will have stuck to its tradition of voting out the incumbent government. For nearly four decades, it has switched between the BJP and the Congress, denying both parties a consecutive term.




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