BJP leader blames Nitish Kumar for neglecting Hindu culture


The BJP is a coalition partner in Bihar but its leaders are not happy with the Nitish Kumar government. The party believes that the government is neglecting the religious culture of the majority Hindu community.

Mithilesh Tiwari, a former MLA who is holding key position in the organisation of the BJP, has uploaded a Facebook post where he pointed out the ignorance of Nitish Kumar government on Hindu religious culture.

“I am not against any caste and community but the current government of Nitish Kumar is giving more facilities to Muslims than Hindu. The government has built Haj Bhavan to provide facilities to Muslim community on the state’s expense. Compared to this, the state government is not facilitating pilgrims of Kanwar Yatra in Sultanganj to Deoghar in Jharkhand or Pind Daan at Gaya,” Tiwari said.

“Gaya is the only place where Hindu community comes and does the ‘Pind Daan’. It is extremely painful that there are no government facilities for them. It is unfortunate that the Hindu pilgrims used to stay on railway stations, bus stands, foot paths, on the bank of Falgu river in the night and do the ‘Pind Daan’ the next day,” Tiwari said.

The Nitish Kumar government has identified land for Waqf board building, whereas a large tract of land belonging to Hindu shrines is left undeveloped. Why are they not identifying them and constructing buildings to facilitate Hindu devotees at pilgrim places like Sultanganj, Deoghar, Sitamarhi, Patna and other places,” Tiwari said.



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