Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Shreyasi Singh has flagged irregularities in the purchase of crops and payments to the farmers in her district.

The international shooter turned politician said that the authorities are not giving genuine receipts to farmers after their sale of paddy in Jamui district due to which they are facing problem in receiving payments.

“The agencies in Jamui are taking signatures or thumb impressions of the farmers on plain paper. The banks are not initiating the payments as the blank papers are not the genuine receipt. This results in heated arguments between the farmers and the bank officials and eventually they are either denied payment or receive lesser payment for their crops,” Shreyasi said in the Assembly.

Reacting to her statement, Bihar Agriculture Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh said: “The state government purchased paddy after certain procedures. For every transaction, we issue a receipt wherein the minimum support price of paddy is always mentioned and after the signature of farmers, the cost of paddy is transferred to their accounts through PMS. Despite this, if Shreyasi has specific information, we will initiate investigation in the entire district. Action will be taken if any agency like PACS or Vyapar Mandal is found involved in any such irregularities.”

The Opposition has raised such irregularities on several platforms earlier. They also claimed that the farmers are getting a much lower price than MSP in several districts of Bihar.