BJP MPs give breach of privilege notice against Rahul Gandhi


BJP MPs on Friday moved a breach of privilege notice against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha and also demanded stringent action against him for contempt of the House.

Gandhi, along with his party members, observed two-minute silence in the house without the permission of the Chair.

BJP’s Chief Whip Rakesh Singh and MP Sanjay Jaiswal moved the notice.

Singh said that the traditions and dignity of the House should be maintained and no House in any country will accept such acts.

“Whatever Rahul speaks inside the House has no fact or evidence behind it. He says things that can break the country,” he said.

Singh said that there should be a strong action against Rahul Gandhi for contempt of the House and breach of privilege so that in future no one can play with the dignity of the House.

Senior BJP MP Jagdambika Pal told IANS that every MP enjoys privileges, so that they can easily perform their duties, and a case of breach of privilege has been moved against Gandhi as he acted contrary to the dignity of the House.

“The Speaker runs the House, if you want to raise an issue, then the Speaker should give permission for this. But Rahul Gandhi kept silence in the House without the permission of the Speaker and asked other MPs to do the same.

“I think the matter will be referred to the Privilege Committee. Action can be taken against Rahul Gandhi from there,” Pal added.