BJP plans grand victory celebration for Draupadi Murmu

With eyes on tribal votes in the 2024 general elections, the BJP is planning a grand celebration for Draupadi Murmu if she wins the upcoming July 18 Presidential election.

As the victory of Murmu is certain, the BJP has started preparation to celebrate her victory on “becoming the first tribal woman president of the country”.

Sources said that preparation has started and direction has been issued in this regard for the grand celebration as there is no doubt on Murmu’s victory.

“Everyone in the party and country are confident about Murmu’s victory, and after that she becomes the first tribal woman President. Celebration will be organised across the country especially in tribal-dominated villages and areas,” sources said.

It is learnt that as per plan, victory will be celebrated in over one lakh tribal villages in the country.

“Victory celebrations will start after the official announcement of the Presidential poll result on July 21. Celebration will be held at mandal (block) level in tribal areas and only posters of Murmu will be used,” party sources said.

The party is also planning small rallies in tribal areas after the presidential election, to cover all villages and gram panchayats dominated by the community.

During BJP’s National Executive Committee meeting held earlier this month in Hyderabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lauded NDA’s President candidate Murmu and said that her candidature stands over and above any politics.

Prime Minister Modi asked the party cadre to highlight about struggle and simplicity of Murmu’s life among people.

A senior functionary said that by nominating her as a NDA candidate, the party leadership has already sent a message that after making inroads among all the sections of society, now the BJP leadership has decided to make inroads among the tribal communities across the country.

The saffron party is hoping to reach out to tribal communities across the country ahead of next Lok Sabha polls and in this year’s assembly polls in Gujarat, and next year’s state polls in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

A functionary noted that it is a strategic move with eye on 2024 Lok Sabha polls as there are 47 reserved Scheduled Tribes (ST) constituencies.

“Murmu becoming president of India, will definitely benefit the party in upcoming assembly polls and parliament elections,” he said.




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