BJP pulls up Vijayan for seeking treatment in US

The Kerala unit of the BJP on Wednesday took potshots at Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for his upcoming trip to the US for seeking medical treatment.

Ever since the news surfaced that Vijayan will be leaving to the US on January 15 and will return only on January 29 for seeking expert treatment for his still ‘unknown’ ailment, the social media is full of trolls exposing the ‘double standards’ of the CPI-M.

And on Wednesday State BJP president K. Surendran in a jocular vein took on Vijayan and said, was it not the CPI-M here which was accusing the US of trying to pull down the Communist government here.

“If that be the case, then why is Vijayan running to the US for his medical treatment,” asked Surendran while addressing a party meeting on Wednesday.

Incidentally the predecessors of Vijayan, be it E.K. Nayanar or V.S. Achuthanadan also used to visit western countries for medical treatments, but at that time with the social media practically absent, the political opponents used to rely on bringing out posters to highlight the double standards of the CPI-M, here, especially during election times.

But now with a hugely active social media, the posters have all disappeared and instead it’s the trolls that has come out in good numbers, to take on the CPI-M here.




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